Two Tall Totems is a complete development team. We have the talent to finish any project no matter the technology or system. Please feel free to contact us today about your goals.
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127 - 970 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC
CONTACTS: skype: twotalltotems email: phone toll free:phone: 1-855-338-6222
Two Tall Totems is a premium software team based out of Vancouver, Canada focusing on mobile apps (iPhone, iPad, Android, HTML5). We are approachable, skilled, artistic and even a bit nerdy. Our goal is to craft your project the way you imagined within a reliable timeline.
CONTACTS: skype: twotalltotems email: phone toll free:phone: 1-855-338-6222
Two Tall Totems consists of skilled individuals who love creating apps with the latest and greatest tools. We will engage closely with you to understand your needs in order to deliver the best solution. We leverage our deep knowledge base in design, engineering and user experience to create innovative and creative solutions.
Chris has travelled to more countries than the average person can name. He was President of the University of British Columbia's Ski and Snowboard Club but never really liked snow.
Chris's tools of choice are:
David often drinks 3 soda pops before noon yet still maintains his figure. He fell in love with computers as a child when he discovered basic on commodore Vic 20.
David's tools of choice are:
Josephine is a designer's designer. She is a font type geek with the gift to simplify the most complex ideas.
Josephine's tools of choice are:
Simon keeps furry animals and a guitar close to his laptop. He grew up writing games on his Atari 600XL and thinks mobile apps are a natural career progression.
Simon's tools of choice are:
Some claim Angela is merely a highly advanced mobile app development robot. In response to these completely unfounded rumors, she has been quoted as saying "beep boop."
Angela' tools of choice are:
Sana is a developer with a creative touch who believes development is not just science, it's an art!
Sana' tools of choice are:
Edward wishes XCode was really a Smalltalk environment and has mostly convinced GDB that it is a Pharo transcript window. He sees writing code as a craft and art no different to painting, sculpting or building furniture.
Edward' tools of choice are:
Anton does not like wasting time talking about coding. Code or do not code. There is no in between.
Anton' tools of choice are:
CONTACTS: skype: twotalltotems email: phone toll free:phone: 1-855-338-6222
iPad app

Two Tall Totems took three weeks to build the Tumbling Totems HD iPad game using Cocos2d to show what we can create. This game includes Game Center and inapp purchases and makes use of current physics engines.

iPad app
Set in a magical halloween village where costumed animals help you "match'em and stack'em" Halloween Totems HD is a game the whole family can enjoy.
Glitch is a web-based massively-multiplayer game which takes place inside the minds of eleven peculiarly imaginative Giants. You choose how to grow and shape the world: building and developing, learning new skills, collaborating or competing with everyone else in one enormous, ever-changing, persistent world.
iOS app
Application to assess and track behavioral data for children with special needs. Appropriate for professionals, organizations (i.e. schools & agencies) and individuals.
univsersal app
Discover Public art in Surrey's City Center. Be introduced to meet the artists and their ideas, and locate the nearest artworks and share them with your friends. See the whole collection and be art smart and rewarded.
iPad app
Fine Art America has revolutionized the way that artwork is bought and sold around the world. With a few simple clicks, artists and photographers can upload their images to and instantly sell prints to a global audience of art collectors.
iOS app
As you drive, MileIT will track your route using standard iOS Maps and calculate your total driving distance. That trip data is then stored on your iPhone and categorized by Month and Year. If where you went From and To is not enough, MileIt lets you log the client, the car you drive and any optional notes you may have about the trip.
iPad app
Think Together
Awesome tablet app that makes lectures/collaboration in or out of class easy, natural, and supremely engaging.
CONTACTS: skype: twotalltotems email: phone toll free:phone: 1-855-338-6222