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We are a premium software team based out of Vancouver, Canada focusing on native mobile apps (iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone). We are approachable, skilled, artistic and even a bit nerdy. Our goal is to craft your project the way you imagined within a reliable timeline.

App Strategy

You have a great idea for an app… now lean on our years of expertise to qualify the technical challenges and help direct you towards a real business opportunity

App Design

First pen and paper followed by digital pixels as we craft your vision into an engaging mockup showcasing how your app will look and feel before we have coded any 0’s or 1’s

App Development

The easiest part. Our team of experienced developers builds your app making sure it is secure, engaging and scalable using the right tools for success

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Chris Hobbs

President & Co-Founder

Chris always puts the team first and thus never fails to surround himself with amazingly talented people who under his stewardship create amazing apps and services. Chris is an active member of Van iDev serving as its President.

David Hobbs

Director of Development & Co-Founder

David has over 20 years of tech experience as both a developer and an entrepreneur. David is able to communicate clearly between technical and non technical individuals.

Josephine Wong

Director of Design & Co-Founder

Director of Design of Two Tall Totems. Josephine enjoys solving design challenges regardless of the communications medium: in print; on the web; or via mobile apps.

Simon Fox

iOS Developer

Simon's last name might be Fox but he is also known as The Wolf. Just like in Pulp Fiction, Simon is called in to fix other people's messes (externally from TTT of course). Simon's masters degree tells us he has the brain of a rocket scientist but his music also speaks of his deep soul.

Edward Povazan

iOS Developer

Ed is our resident Smalltalk expert. Apparently every company needs one. Ed is a gentle soul with big ideas that always simplify any project no matter how complex it may seem.

Vinson Li

iOS Developer

Vinson is a rockstar. He is the guy you pull into the type of project that leaves everyone else scratching their heads. Vinson has a masters in Mechanical Engineering which makes him that much more huggable. Come in and give it a try.

Jian Liew

Android Developer

Self-proclaimed champion of foosball and pool at Two Tall Totems, I work as hard as I play. With a heart for developing only the best quality products, I enjoy working closely with clients to meet their needs and love seeing their projects come to life.

Ash Mishra

iOS & Android Developer

I am a passionate technologist with innate software development and business skills. I have been exploring technology for over 2 decades and leading complex software projects that break new ground and yet follow maintainable design patterns.

Shayla Sawchenko

iOS & Android Developer

When Shayla enters a room, everyone takes notice. Her smile and positive demeanor make her a joy to work with. While Shayla is an incredible mobile developer on her own, just like an all star point guard, she raises the game of everyone around her.

Chris Fawcett

iOS and Android Special Forces

When Chris is not working on his PhD he flies in and uses his ninja skills to create bleeding edge apps. Like all first class ninjas, he brings both iOS and Android expertise to the party.

Vahan Harutyunyan

iOS Developer

Alborz Heydarayan

User Interface and Experience Designer

Vitor Pena

iOS Developer

Ann Kim

iOS Developer

I love creating user-friendly software that positively impacts our everyday lives. I have diverse interests including learning languages, studying nutrition, and playing the piano. I would very much enjoy incorporating my interests into developing innovative software.

Kyle Ju

iOS Developer

Kyle is an enthusiastic learner who is eager for new knowledge and experiences, such as learning new languages and travelling. He is always trying to do his work to the best of his abilities and confine his skills to become a better swimmer, a better presenter and a programmer. His dream is to become Kyle Supertramp (aka world traveller).

Kenny Park

iOS Developer

Kenny is a veteran soccer player who loves to develop software. With a big dream of abridging the gap between technology and health care even closer, he works day and night to become better than just good.

Our Story

In the Summer of 2010, Josephine, Chris and David were in the process of founding the company but they could not agree on a name. 

The name had to reflect the spirit of Vancouver and the values of the community. In search of inspiration, the three drove around Stanley Park and got out at Totem Park. Playing tourist, they stood in the shade of the tall totems and looked up to the sky feeling very small. Josephine turned to Chris and David, who both stand at 6 foot 3 and remarked – “Now you know what it is like to stand under you two tall totems”. And the name was born.

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