Our Story

In the Summer of 2010, Josephine, Chris and David were in the process of founding the company, but they could not agree on a name.
The name had to reflect the spirit of Vancouver and the values of the community. In search of inspiration, the three drove around Stanley Park and got out at Totem Park. Playing tourist, they stood in the shade of the tall totems and looked up to the sky feeling very small. Josephine turned to Chris and David, who both stand at 6 foot 3 and remarked – “Now you know what it is like to stand under you two tall totems”. And the name was born.
Meet our totems

Chris Hobbs

President &

Chris always puts the team first and thus never fails to surround himself with amazingly talented people who under his stewardship create amazing apps and services. Chris is an active member of ViDIA serving as its President.


David Hobbs

VP Operations &

David has over 20 years of tech experience as both a developer and an entrepreneur. David is able to communicate clearly between technical and non technical individuals.


Josephine Wong

VP Design &

Director of Design of Two Tall Totems. Josephine enjoys solving design challenges regardless of the communications medium: in print; on the web; or via mobile apps.


Vinson Li

VP Engineering

Vinson is a rockstar. He is the guy you pull into the type of project that leaves everyone else scratching their heads. Vinson has a masters in Mechanical Engineering which makes him that much more huggable. Come in and give it a try.


Vitor Pena

Director of Technology

Vitor is the Brazilian flash that makes iOS and Android code as sweet as Brazilian BBQ. He leaves the swords at home so it is safe to bring the kids to the office.


Jose Hernandez

VP Business Development

With a MBA from UBC and extensive experience in start-up sales, project management and product development, Jose’s focus is to find ways to grow our business. If you have a new idea, this is your guy!


Vahan Harutyunyan

Lead iOS Developer

Elsewhere, Vahan would be emperor of a kingdom. In Canada, he’s king of iOS development. He’s user-focused, delivering delightful user experiences (while also solving COMPLEX problems). He’s an expert communicator, going the extra 10,000 miles to deliver excellent work.


Simon Fox

iOS Developer

Simon's last name might be Fox but he is also known as The Wolf. Just like in Pulp Fiction, Simon is called in to fix other people's messes (externally from TTT of course). Simon's masters degree tells us he has the brain of a rocket scientist but his music also speaks of his deep soul.


Mitchell Ganton

iOS & Android Developer

Mitch hails from Orillia, home of boxcar restaurants. He enjoys sushi and living near bridges. Everything he does is punctuated with a reassuring smile.


Jian Liew

Android Developer

Self-proclaimed champion of foosball and pool at Two Tall Totems, I work as hard as I play. With a heart for developing only the best quality products, I enjoy working closely with clients to meet their needs and love seeing their projects come to life.


Ann Kang

UX/UI Designer

As a designer, Ann loves and enjoys making things better and more pretty. With a keen eye for small details, she adapts her vibrant style to meet the needs of each project’s concept.


Dr. Anson Yao

iOS Developer

Not only has Anson brought his recently earned PhD from UBC in Electrical Computer Engineering to the team, he has also brought his smile and positive attitude. Often the first person in the office, Anson is always ready to go.


Evian Zhao

Project Manager

Evian may not be a morning person but when you get her going she is on it. She is focussed and is at her best when she is taking control of a team.


Farzad Daei

Systems Engineer

Farzad, like a lot of others in our industry, first got bitten by the development bug through playing video games. Although this gentle giant could probably knock you down on the football field, he would without a doubt smack you down if you challenge him to a game of Counter-Strike.


Wali Usmani

Systems Engineer

The mysterious creature known as Wali is a nocturnal one. Generally pacifist by nature, he can be worked up to become loud and opinionated in topics related to system design, computer security or Dota. Hardworking and meticulous, this creature always find something to fix or improve. - TTT Wildlife Documentary, National Geographic


Pauline Lee

Marketing Manager

AKA The most famous person in the office with the most beautiful voice. (Hopefully she doesn't kill the current website developer for writing this bio.)


Bari Barimani

Full Stack Developer

Bari is passionate about web and android development. He also enjoys rock climbing and welcomes anyone to hop on and hit the mountains


Felix Cheng

UX/UI Designer

TV professional-turned-pixel-obsessed designer. Maker of thoughtful and beautiful designs that people love to use. Spreadsheet nerd. Dumpling aficionado and overall good guy. Nice to meet you.


Imran Ahmed

Software Engineer

While Imran loves solving complex technical problems by crafting ingenious and elegant solutions, he is held back from eliminating every problem in this world by his other (occasionally) crippling obsessions: books, movies and games. Then again, he knows the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.


Felipe Pena

Senior iOS Developer

I’m a passionate developer who enjoys big challenges. Specially, when they’re shared with other people. I love traveling, learning new languages and most of all, my beautiful family.


Gokul Raj

Front-end Developer

Gokul has a masters degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from UBC. He loves developing rich JavaScript applications for the web and mobile. Foodie, Soccer fan, Dog lover & Globetrotter


Jordan Chin

Office and Community Manager

Hailing from the world of theatre, Jordan is an arts & business professional with a passion for cultural industries. Outside administration, she enjoys dancing, Jurassic Park, and eating pancakes.


Paco 'Francisco' Lee

iOS Developer

Paco. Programmer. Producer. Panda.
Panda. Panda.
Panda. Panda. Panda. Panda. Panda. Panda.


Phoebe Lim

UX/UI Designer

Phoebe has always loved creating art and solving puzzles. And as a UX/UI Designer, she can combine both into a career. She taught herself Photoshop and HTML when she was ten years old, and her passion for design hasn't wavered since. She is also obsessed with puppies, TV, and video games.


Gordon Seto

Backend Developer

Why was the JavaScript developer sad? Because he didn’t Node how to Express himself!


Andrew Oh

iOS Developer

Why do Java developers wear glasses? Because they can't C#


Jeff Chang

iOS Developer

The other Jeff is a lie, I’m the real Jeff, believe me.


Jeff Doyle

Full Stack Developer

The other Jeff is a lie, I’m the real Jeff, believe me.


Lara Rode

Full Stack Developer

There are 10 kinds of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don't.


Kaichun Zhou

Business Development Manager

MBA candidates at Sauder Business School UBC, with three years of customer relations management and extensive international exposure and network. What can pull Kaichun out of the bed everyday? No.1: having the big breakfast; No.2: meeting the awesome people in the TTT office

Chris Fawcett

Chris Fawcett

iOS and Android Special Forces

When Chris is not working on his PhD he flies in and uses his ninja skills to create bleeding edge apps. Like all first class ninjas, he brings both iOS and Android expertise to the party.


Shayla Sawchenko

iOS and Android Special Forces

When Shayla enters a room, everyone takes notice. Her smile and positive demeanor make her a joy to work with. While Shayla is an incredible mobile developer on her own, just like an all star point guard, she raises the game of everyone around her.



Office Mascot & Scrum Master

Keeping laps and hearts warm.



Head of Security

Bark bark bark!


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