An Apple WWDC Reflection: Part 2 – watchOS and tvOS

In Part 2 of his Apple WWDC reflection, Chris Hobbs shares his thoughts on all the new watchOS and tvOS updates from the 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference. From the Walkie-Talkie function to Dolby Atmos, Chris explores his first impressions of these recently announced features.

An Apple WWDC Reflection: Part 1 – iOS 12

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference took place from June 4-8, 2018 and brought along plenty of exciting OS Announcements. TTT President Chris Hobbs weighs in on all the new iOS 12 updates in Part 1 of his Apple WWDC reflection!

Meet Our Totems – Mark

Mark Wilson is a passionate UX/UI designer and TTT’s favourite British lad. His sense of humour and relaxed energy makes him a joy to work with and be around. Read about his love for adventure and journey to Vancouver in issue #18 of Meet our Totems!

An Exploration of Mobile First AI

Google has recently announced their AI First strategy, prompting the question – has mobile technology become a focus of the past? VP Engineering Vinson Li explores the potential of Artificial Intelligence for mobile and dives into the complexity of machine learning networks.

Pressing the Right Buttons: 10 Tips for a More Compelling CTA

Call to Action Buttons are difficult to master. However, when CTA’s are impeccably written, designed and executed, it can boost clicks and increase conversion rates. In this blog, UI/UX Designer Mark Wilson shares 10 tips on creating effective CTA buttons.

Why Choose Cassandra For Big Data Management?

When dealing with large amount of data, it’s difficult to determine the best way to store it for easy access, retrieval and consumption. Systems Engineer Wali Usmani explores the differences between SQL and NoSQL database systems and illustrates why Apache Cassandra is his top choice.

Crypto Collectibles: The Non-Fungible Token Craze

Crypto-Collectibles are valuable digital objects that have gained their fair share of buzz in the tech world. In this blog, David discusses Blockchain’s creation of digital scarcity, introduces the concept of fungibility and gives his take on the significance of crypto-collectibles.

#BCTECH Summit Recap

The TTT team had a memorable two days at #BCTECH Summit, Western Canada’s largest technology conference. We were wowed by all the the vibrant tech talent, including the innovative exhibitors, inspiring panels, and passionate keynotes.

How to Give Designers Meaningful Feedback

It’s hard to know how to approach the feedback process when collaborating with a Designer. In this blog, experienced TTT Designer Ann Kang gives valuable tips on how to build relationships and give meaningful feedback.

Meet Our Totems – Felipe

In Issue #17 of Meet our Totems, we meet Senior iOS Developer and family man Felipe Pena. Read about how one of most dedicated people on our team mixes his passion for music and computer science while staying true to his core values.

Gearing up for #BCTECH Summit 2018

#BCTECH Summit, the largest technology conference in Western Canada, is one of TTT’s most anticipated events of the year. The team is eager to talk tech and showcase Amanda, an innovative and interactive new artificial intelligence project that TTT has been hard at work developing.

What Happens When a TTT Employee Dies

iOS & Android Developer Mitchell Ganton talks about why collaborative coding is so important. As an instructor, mentor and from his many years of experience working in the industry, he has some key advice to give new developers. Read all about it in this issue of “Confessions of a Developer”.