See You At Mobile World Congress 2018

Our VP of Business Development Jose Hernandez will be heading down to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with Co-Founders Chris and David Hobbs. We’re looking forward to making connections with Enterprise companies that are taking steps to undergo digital transformation.

The Most Difficult Project I’ve Ever Worked On – Part One (Communication)

Senior iOS Developer, Felipe Pena, details his experiences and learnings from the most difficult project he’s ever worked on in our brand new blog series “Confessions of a Developer”. “Confessions of a Developer” is an honest, candid, behind the scenes look into the life of a Developer.

Meet Our Totems – Dr. Anson Yao

In issue #13 of our “Meet Our Totems” series, we’d like to introduce iOS Developer Dr. Anson Yao. Anson possesses the perfect combination of being incredibly smart, hardworking, and a total team player. What more could you ask for from a Developer?

"5 technologies in 2018" blog banner

5 Most Exciting Technologies in 2018

There is more potential than ever for businesses to leverage emerging technologies in 2018. We’ve only just scratched the surface…

blog banner for 'The UX of Registration and Login'

The UX of Registration and Login

Login screens are a necessary evil, but if done right, the user shouldn’t notice it at all. Felix Cheng, our UX/UI designer gives us the do’s and don’ts of designing pain-free registration and login screens.

Fog Computing: The Future of IoT

Fog Computing Architecture – The Future of IoT

Chris gives us his take on the future of cloud computing and talks about the relatively new concept of fog computing and the opportunities that come with it. Fog computing could change the way we store and access data.

A blog banner for our Meet Our Totems series featuring UX/UI Designer Felix Cheng

Meet Our Totems – Felix

Felix is one of the hardest working people you’ll ever meet, with a genuine passion for everything he does. We sat down with him this week in issue #12 of ‘Meet Our Totems’ and got to learn a little more about him before his life as a UX/UI Designer.

Vancouver Startup Week 2017

Vancouver Startup Week 2017 Recap

Experiencing FOMO from missing out on Vancouver Startup Week 2017? Fret not. Read about all the juicy details of the weekend hackathon, and our open house “Patio Sessions at Two Tall Totems” in this blog.

An Insider's Look at Client Collaboration for Design

An Insider’s Look on Client Collaboration for Design

We often talk about “collaboration” on a project, but what does that actually look like in a client to agency relationship like ours? Project Manager Evian gives us some insight into the process.