Meet Our Totems – Gokul

Not to be confused with a certain Super Saiyan, Gokul has the power level of over 9000….saving the world one line of code at a time. In issue #16 of Meet Our Totems, we interviewed this Front End Developer to see what day to day life is like.

Meet Our Totems – Pauline

In Issue #15 of “Meet Our Totems”, we sat down with our Marketing Manager Pauline to talk about some of her hobbies and strange indulgences when she’s not on the job.

Meet Our Totems - Android Developer Jian Liew

Meet Our Totems – Jian

Jian is an Android Developer and the “heart and soul” of Two Tall Totems. With an incredible “get things done” attitude, his honesty and genuineness makes us all strive to be better people. In issue #14 of “Meet Our Totems”, we sit down with one of the earliest members of Two Tall Totems.

Vancouver Startup Week 2017

Vancouver Startup Week 2017 Recap

Experiencing FOMO from missing out on Vancouver Startup Week 2017? Fret not. Read about all the juicy details of the weekend hackathon, and our open house “Patio Sessions at Two Tall Totems” in this blog.

Vahan, our iOS Lead Developer at Apple's World Wide Developers Conference 2017 in San Jose McEmery Convention Center

What I Learned From My Experience at WWDC17

Apple’s WWDC 2017 came and went. Vahan brought back no shortage of stories from the conference. Aside from the upcoming improvements and technical knowledge, the take aways were largely motivational.

WWDC Event Banner

Vahan Goes to WWDC!

Vahan has been waiting basically his whole life to visit WWDC, and he’s finally going to get his chance this year! We don’t think we’ve ever seen him this ecstatic, at least not since Wicked the broadway musical came to Vancouver.

"Meet Our Totems" blog series on our UX/UI Designer, Ann Kang

Meet Our Totems – Ann

We’re introducing Ann Kang, our talented UX/UI Designer in issue #10 of our ‘Meet Our Totems’ series. Her story is one or perseverance and probably what a lot of us experience when moving to a different country.

Wavefront 2017 IoT & Digital Transformation Summit Banner

Wavefront IoT & Digital Transformation Summit 2017

The Wavefront IoT and Digital Transformation Summit 2017 is fast approaching on May 1st and 2nd. The Two Tall Totems team will be heading to Toronto to showcase some of our tech and engage in some meaningful discussions.

Blog banner for "Meet Our Totems" series on Mitchell Ganton, our senior iOS Developer

Meet Our Totems – Mitch

In issue #9 of ‘Meet Our Totems’, we’re introducing Mitchell Ganton. For someone so down to earth and relatable we sometimes forget how smart Mitch is. This dude is a lighthouse lab mentor, VFS instructor, holds a law degree.

Blog banner for our "Meet Our Totems" session on our Full Stack Developer, Farzad Daei

Meet Our Totems – Farzad

Every classroom has a class clown. That person at TTT is the funny guy known as Farzad. He may be goofy and playful, but make no mistake, he’s unstoppable when he’s in the zone. Learn more about him here in issue #8 of ‘Meet Our Totems’.

ViDiA Meetup group code 911 event banner

Code 911 Night at TTT

Code 911 is a casual get together where a bunch of developers congregate to help solve each other’s problems, problems that have been ‘bugging’ them. *pause for laughter* See what I did there? Everybody wins!

blog banner for "Meet Our Totems" series on our Director of Technology, Vitor Pena

Meet Our Totems – Vitor

Vitor Pena is the TTT lord of development and king of dad jokes. Oh, and he happens to have plenty of experience working on some very important projects for some very important people.