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The UX of Registration and Login

Login screens are a necessary evil, but if done right, the user shouldn’t notice it at all. Felix Cheng, our UX/UI designer gives us the do’s and don’ts of designing pain-free registration and login screens.

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A Magical Gift from TTT

So we made a VR app for fun, just cause. Well also because we’re a bunch of nerds and we can’t seem to keep our hands off cool technology. Chcek out our pet project “TTT Xmas Magic” in the app store!

IoT Developer Day 2016

We’re excited to be sharing our work at the Sierra Wireless IoT developer day 2016. It’s been fun to work … More

Meet our Totems – Josephine

For the month of April I would like to introduce the talented people who create the magic at Two Tall Totems. Day 17 is all about … More