Looking to expand your technical offering?


Have a gap in your end-to-end service?


High demands, but short on resources?

If so, Two Tall Totems would be the perfect fit for your company as a strategic partner.

We will complement your skillsets

All-Star Team

We have an elite group of engineers (many with masters and PhD degrees) and designers who understand the complexities of getting your clients’ products into the app store. Our executives, who have decades of professional experience in the software industry and a strong business background, are there to support you.



Since 2011, we have delivered over 150 projects in 19 different industries. Our success stories demonstrate our excellence in UX/UI design & software engineering in the mobile and enterprise space.



We are quick and nimble in action, and can get the team ready and take off within a short notice with no learning curve. We ensure both the smooth in operation and high in quality.

Risk Reduction

Hiring an individual is not an efficient solution

Hiring an individual contractor leads to huge amounts of opportunity cost and risk. The interview process takes time, and individual contractors tend to face a steep learning curve.

Cost effective

We enjoy the economics of scale, allowing us to ask less but give back more. We can quickly fill in the gap and complete the task as is requested.

Additional Revenue Stream

Attract more clients

We enable you to provide an end-to-end service, allowing your business to not only gain an additional revenue stream, but also embrace customer engagement and experience in the process.

James Maynard
“Wavefront is pleased to partner with Two Tall Totems to help drive digital transformation in Canada. We see tremendous opportunities to work together to connect organizations seeking to innovate with Two Tall Totems’ proven track record in software development and design”
James Maynard
President & CEO

Contact us today to learn how a partnership with Two Tall Totems can help your company grow and succeed.